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Whale Watching

whale watching san diego

Whale Watching in San Diego

Come sail along quietly with these majestic mammals.

Jada has whale watching cruises most Saturday’s, January through March, unless a private charter has been scheduled. Please check our calendar for availability. Departure time is 12:30 AM each day and generally we’ll return around 4:30 PM, depending upon how quickly we find the whales. We serve soft drinks and snacks while sailing. We recommend you bring a lunch.

Gray Whale Watching in San Diego
The annual migration of gray whales along San Diego’s coast is one of nature’s most incredible spectacles. Not only is the gray whale one of the largest animals on earth, it also has the longest annual migration of any mammal. Each year about 26,000 gray whales undertake a round trip migration of over 10,000 miles from the icy Arctic waters of Alaska to the warm tropical lagoons around the tip of Baja California Sur where the females give birth to their calves.

whale watching san diegoGray whales are relatively slow swimmers and surface every three to five minutes to blow a few times before they dive under again. This usually provides ample opportunity to view the whales. Having knowledge of the diving, breathing, and migration patterns of the whales are key components to a successful whale watching cruise in San Diego.

Although it is possible to see gray whales from certain high shoreline vantage points, nothing compares to the experience of viewing gray whales up close aboard a sailing yacht whale watching cruise in San Diego. Whale watching is a memorable, fun, and educational activity for everyone whether young or old.

In addition to offering whale watching cruises in San Diego, Sail Jada Charters provides a variety of excursions on our beautiful San Diego sailboat. Private yacht charters or public yacht charters could include sunset cruises, weddings at sea or memorials at sea. Call (858) 222-9479 to learn more today.

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12:30 pm San Diego Whale Watching Public ... @ Sheraton Marina
San Diego Whale Watching Public ... @ Sheraton Marina
Mar 25 @ 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm
San Diego Whale Watching Public Charter @ Sheraton Marina | San Diego | California | United States
Climb aboard the authentic classic yacht Jada — the gorgeously handcrafted 65-foot yawl — and experience true comfort and style as you sail out of San Diego to get up-close and personal with one of the world’s great wonders: the Gray Whale. The professionals on board this maximum-25-person sail are highly knowledgeable about these majestic mammals and not only provide plenty of great information, but also know the best spots to catch extended glimpses of the gentle giants on their 10,000-mile migration south. Dolphins, sea lions and other sea life often pop up as well, making this trip a true adventure. This afternoon excursion features an attentive and experienced crew and includes soft drinks and snacks. And you’re welcome to bring your own picnic lunch on board.
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First mate Dan had his hands full training new crew. Always fun to share the thrill of sailing with the next generation!! #sailjada #thingstodosandiego ...

@ H & M Landing

Sailed with 2 gray juveniles heading south! ...

First mate Dan had his hands full training new crew. Always fun to share the thrill of sailing with the next...