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Women on Board!

Dedication to the beloved Supreme Court gender equality icon Ruth Badger Ginsberg (1933-2020) With the recent passing of our Notorious RBG, the crew from Sail Jada would like to share our love, gratitude and appreciation for the endless dedication Justice Ginsburg gave fighting towards women’s rights. In the 1970s, Justice Ginsburg set forth to erase the functional difference between men and women in society. She wanted to make it clear that there should be no such thing as women’s work and men’s work. What we can take away from her journey today is to continue protecting women’s rights and gender equality. Thank you RBG for igniting the freedom for women to pursue their passions and their dreams of becoming sailors, pilots, military cadets, police officers, truck drivers, union workers, mechanics, engineers, and attorneys  to highlight a few salient categories. Together we stand for equality. Fair winds RBG! Let’s remember her famous words “Fight for the things you care about. But do it in a way that will lead others to join you”

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Sailing On San Diego’s Emerald Bay

  Our beloved Yawl JADA has hosted it all this Covid summer from birthday parties and wedding celebrations to family reunions. On a 3 hour tour, our guests decide which course to take. San Diego Bay offers the worlds largest bait barge with marine life encounters, navy ships and home to one of the finest Maritime Museums in the world.   A turn around at the Coronado bridge has us tacking our way back to port. Some may want to go beyond the bay, sailing out past Point Loma to the beautiful views of the deep blue Pacific ocean. With downtown at our backs and the Mexico Islands on the horizon, we let you Captain your own ship. Sail Jada for the historic adventure of being a sailor and using the wind and compass as your guide.   We are here to share our passion for sailing and welcoming you aboard the magnificent sailing yacht JADA!

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