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Come Aboard JADA

It’s been said that a change of perspective can change your life. Life on the water surely affords such a change, and while a three hour champagne sunset cruise on JADA probably won’t change your life (though we’d like to think it would!), it can definitely break you out of your terrestrial ennui. Life on land is boring! Step aboard JADA for a sunset cruise, and leave, literally, the world behind. Well, at least the part that isn’t covered by water. A sailboat like JADA can take you places you’ve never been, literally and figuratively. JADA’s sunset cruise will afford you a perspective on San Diego you never thought possible. Gaze across the bay at a long phalanx of San Diego skyscrapers, a testimony to the inexorable march of progress, and realize that you, suddenly, are not a part of it. You’re on a sailboat, far away. Miles of raw ocean separate you from the hustle and bustle, the traffic jams, the crowds. You can reach out and pinch the One America Plaza between your fingers. Hold out your hand and have a friend take the obligatory picture of you holding the entire city on your palm. Even better, recline on the deck and let one of JADA’s expert hosts serve you what they describe as “light snacks” but in reality could be half a dinner. Gourmet cheeses on a variety of crackers, chicken and apple sausage bites, thin sliced cucumber with a delicate swirl of cured salmon. The champagne, wine and beer are part of the package, as well, and they flow freely. Sail around for a bit and as the sun sets, Captain Dave and his crew will take you on an up-close and personal visit to some of the harbor’s most interesting sites: the USS Midway, the Star of India, the USS Ronald Reagan, the HMS Surprise and the last remaining Swift Boat on the planet (hey, John Kerry! Are you listening!?), are part of the tour. Captain Dave and First Mate Gene have an encyclopedic knowledge of all these things, and their narratives, alone, are worth the price of admission. As you ease back into the dock and rejoin terra firma, there will be a letdown, I assure you. You have to release yourself from the freedom of the sea and return to the struggles of the land. Cars, traffic, crowds. But don’t worry! JADA will always be here to take you away again!

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Hit the Reset Button with JADA

  JADA is hands down the BEST sailing charter service in San Diego with a strong reputation for high quality and safety.   As a growing company based in Encinitas, we chose sailing as our quarterly team event to celebrate our recent success in “shoring up to set sail” as a team, as well as a company, and to reward everyone with a chance to just relax together while enjoying the unique scenic beauty of San Diego. JADA provided us with the perfect team building experience to help us reconnect as a team and navigate to the next level as a company. And we have the pictures to prove it! After researching the various options for our company’s quarterly team celebration, we chose JADA because they are known for helping companies rejuvenate and forecast success. And they certainly did all of that and more for our team! Carole, the owner of JADA (as well as her team), is warm and inviting, and goes above and beyond to ensure a smooth sailing experience for all. From the very first phone call, she was welcoming to any accommodations we might need, including hectic schedules and staying within our event budget while maintaining a high quality experience for everyone. Each interaction was pleasant and reassured me that the event would be exactly what our team needed. Carole and her team are extremely organized and really allow their guests to de-stress and enjoy a positive feel-good vibe. The entire JADA team treats each guest like family, which is yet one more quality that sets them apart from other charter services. We were so impressed by all the ways that they accommodated us. They even supported our company’s healthy lifestyle with a variety of snacks and beverages, including vegan and gluten-free options. In addition to the world-class treatment we received from the JADA team, our sailing experience in general was absolutely amazing. The day was perfect with sunny skies, calm waters, and the safety of the only Coast Guard approved charter service for groups of our size, which was great for our team of 30 people! They even arranged for team photos, which included a variety of fun hats and props, and sent them to us the very next day. As the captain set sail, he pointed out various attractions and shared insightful history about the different locations throughout the tour. We had a first-hand look at the military dolphin training, which included a few quick “shows” as we waved from the sailboat; and we even saw various animals in the wild throughout our expedition! The overall experience could not have been better for our team, and everyone has already asked to schedule another team sailing event with JADA. So if you’re looking to hit the reset button for yourself or your team, a sailing event with JADA is the perfect way to sail on to success. Your sailing experience will leave everyone happy, joyful, and refreshed. You, too, will create picture perfect memories to keep forever.

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